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One to one content experiences and personalization

at scale



Create impactful enrollment campaigns with easy-to-use digital tools

Send responsive emails that adjust to every screen

Whether you build a template from scratch or use one of our prebuilt templates, every email is responsive, adapting the layout and style of the message to any screen size.


Increase registration for events and request for information submissions

Create RFI web forms to embed on your web site or landing pages along with mobile-friendly pop-up messages, providing opportunities for student engagement along their decision journey.


Quickly test your emails with our built-in previewer

Test your messages in more than 30 email clients, web browsers, and desktop, mobile and tablet devices with our built-in email previewer.


Before you press send, your links and image URLs are validated, ensuring your contacts receive the desired user experience.


Master your content assets with Content Tags

Create a library of reusable content to quickly deploy in your campaign messages. Need to update an academic major?


No problem! Update the content tag and the changes automatically replicate across your messages!


Power response with transactional emails

With the ability to send from either a marketing, or transactional email server, separate email messages to prospects from those who have requested information, applied for admission, or registered for an event. Transactional emails are given priority by ESPs.


Take the guesswork out of email marketing

With A/B email testing, compare multiple versions of a message’s content against each other in a way that lets your contacts choose the best performing option.


Test any aspect and variable of your emails’ content and creative – including the all-important subject and preview lines.

Why eduConverse

Professional digital tools for higher education

Don’t be limited by the feature set of your campus CRM for the sake of integration. You need best-in-class digital tools to engage today’s student.

Easy to use

With built-in best practices for responsive design, deliverability, and automation, combined with drag-and-drop capabilities, shift your focus from how to send messages, to why.

Services for success

Our team’s deep knowledge of higher education and enrollment marketing automation can shorten the time from investment to value.

Use Cases

Engage interested students immediately

Send a personalized message or create a campaign journey of emails and SMS that educates and tells your institution’s brand story.

Drive attendance at on-campus or virtual recruitment events

Quickly create registration web forms, collect information, and automate a confirmation email and SMS series to provide important event information.

Integrate social media to identify stealth applicants

With Facebook integration to generate Facebook Tabs, Lead Ads (including Instagram), and Audience campaigns, stealth applicants are uncovered and are automatically synched into our platform.

Rescue incomplete applications

Get the most of your prospect search efforts with a dedicated campaign to encourage application completion while building value for your college.

Complement your offline recruitment efforts with digital “air cover”

Your digital enrollment marketing campaigns should nurture prospective student interest rather than send endless pleas to apply for admission.

Master recruitment yield

Keep those enrollment commitments with engaging campaigns that balance transactional enrollment requests with reminding your incoming class why they chose your institution to begin with.

Ready to get started?

To learn how you can make the most of eduConverse marketing automation, contact us today.

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