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Dynamically nurture student and constituent interest



Engage students and constituents with carefully planned conversations, not blasts

Build dynamic campaigns to automatically nurture interest

Set up dynamic campaigns workflows that send a series of automated emails and text messages based on contact behavior or data.


A drag-and-drop palette makes it easy to define the timing and cadence of your campaign messaging at scale.


Send the right message to the right audience

Create RFI web forms to embed on your web site or landing pages along with mobile-friendly pop-up messages, providing opportunities for student engagement along their decision journey.


Continuously qualify your prospective student pool

Embed response buttons and surveys into your campaigns.


Invite students to update their recruitment profile and answer qualifying questions about their academic and extracurricular interests.


Tap your social channels to drive more engagement

Seamlessly integrate your email marketing and Facebook integration to generate Facebook Tab, Lead Ads (including Instagram), and Audience campaigns.


New inquiries are automatically synced into our platform for automated campaign follow-up.


Let your contacts define their communication preferences

With the ability to send from either a marketing, or transactional email server, separate email messages to prospects from those who have requested information, applied for admission, or registered for an event. Transactional emails are given priority by ESPs.


Seamlessly Integrate SMS and track real-time performance

Build stand-alone SMS automation or combine your email and mobile communications into a single workflow.


Go beyond plain text by including multimedia messaging service (MMS) content such as images, audio and video.

Why eduConverse

Professional digital tools for higher education

Don’t be limited by the feature set of your campus CRM for the sake of integration. You need best-in-class digital tools to engage today’s student.

Easy to use

With built-in best practices for responsive design, deliverability, and automation, combined with drag-and-drop capabilities, shift your focus from how to send messages, to why.

Services for success

Our team’s deep knowledge of higher education and enrollment marketing automation can shorten the time from investment to value.

Use cases

Internal communication
Gain visibility into faculty, staff, and student emails and improve performance

With a “single source of truth” marketing automation platform, manage the quality, and cadence of your internal messages.

Drive attendance at on-campus or virtual recruitment events

Every enrollment term requires a series of steps for new students from parking registration, purchasing books, and getting a student ID, to name a few. Create these campaigns in advance and automate using workflows.

Develop, scalable campaigns for every enrollment term

From the registrar to the bursar’s office and financial aid, your campaigns are remarkable predictable. Reduce staff time to create and launch emails by repeating and updating campaign messages every term.

Rescue incomplete applications

With robust analytics, identify students who are at risk by their online behavior. Target at risk students with intervention campaigns to get them to the right campus office or support resource.

Drive demand for campus services

Promote campus services such as advising, career development, and counseling with sequenced email and SMS message campaigns.

Master recruitment yield

With faculty and staff contact information at your fingertips, you can better target campus information and business-related emails, ensuring that your contacts receive relevant information.

Ready to get started?

To learn how you can make the most of eduConverse marketing automation, request a personal consultation.

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