Measure and monitor campaign impact at every stage of the journey



Provide a unified and professional digital enrollment experience for your students and constituents

Monitor the impact your campaigns on desired goals

Customizable, role-based dashboards give you the data you need to understand each campaign’s performance toward your desired goals.


Go beyond typical performance reports of opens, clicks and bounces to see how you are driving enrollment key performance indicators.


Get more emails to the inbox

Your reputation is on the line with every email you send.


With our deliverability monitoring, reporting, and expertise, you’ll have the tools needed to monitor and improve your email performance.


Send messages when your subscribers read them

Increase open rates by optimizing your send times. Schedule deliveries to send at the time and day a contact is most likely to open emails from you.


Our time zone sending feature schedules deliveries for a specified time in each contact’s time zone; removing the need to schedule multiple segmented deliveries.


Integrate with campus SIS and CRM software

With a robust API or using a secure FTP process, integrate your data to launch highly targeted campaigns.  


Keep your “single source of truth” in your campus database system, while accessing best-in-class features for digital campaign design and delivery.


Protect your audience from over sending by campus departments

Control the number of messages your contacts can receive in any given time period in order to avoid message fatigue.


You’ll have insight into the delivery calendar, which is particularly useful when multiple departments are deploying email campaigns.


Use fine grain access control to provide access to different users and departments

Extend your campaigns beyond the admissions office. Give departmental users different access to data, fields, and campaigns.


Use our message approval feature to ensure your email messages are on message and on brand every time, regardless of the department.

Why eduConverse

Professional digital tools for higher education

Don’t be limited by the feature set of your campus CRM for the sake of integration. You need best-in-class digital tools to engage today’s student.

Easy to use

With built-in best practices for responsive design, deliverability, and automation, combined with drag-and-drop capabilities, shift your focus from how to send messages, to why.

Services for success

Our team’s deep knowledge of higher education and enrollment marketing automation can shorten the time from investment to value.

Use cases

External communication
Better manage your digital brand

With a “single source of truth” marketing automation platform, manage the quality, and cadence of your internal messages.

Eliminate shadow lists of alumni data

Every enrollment term requires a series of steps for new students from parking registration, purchasing books, and getting a student ID, to name a few. Create these campaigns in advance and automate using workflows.

Use a Manage Preferences Center for alumni and constituents to define the messages they want to receive

From the registrar to the bursar’s office and financial aid, your campaigns are remarkable predictable. Reduce staff time to create and launch emails by repeating and updating campaign messages every term.

Save money by eliminating disparate email marketing platforms across campus

With robust analytics, identify students who are at risk by their online behavior. Target at risk students with intervention campaigns to get them to the right campus office or support resource.

Register alumni for upcoming events

Promote campus services such as advising, career development, and counseling with sequenced email and SMS message campaigns.

Manage your media list to quickly disseminate campus news

With faculty and staff contact information at your fingertips, you can better target campus information and business-related emails, ensuring that your contacts receive relevant information.

Ready to get started?

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