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Contact "Hygiene" - Managing Email Bounces

An email bounce, or failed DSN (Delivery Status Notification), is an automated electronic message from a mail system informing the sender about a delivery problem with their (the sender's) original email message.

If you send an email message and the delivery fails, our mail server will receive a bounce message explaining why the email message bounced. This includes specific error message status codes to provide insight into the underlying problem.


There a number of reasons why emails bounce and may be categorized as “hard bounces” or “soft bounces.”

A hard bounce occurs when the recipient’s email address is invalid or it is no longer in use. It may be invalid because of data entry error, for example, “outlookk” instead of “outlook.”

A soft bounce is a temporary email delivery failure. Common reasons are that the recipient’s mailbox is full, there is a DNS failure with the contact’s email server, or there is a challenge-response error. The later is sent by a filtering service to help screen unknown senders an spam emails. Soft bounces may be resolved on the next resend.

Our Marketing Automation Platform provides the ability to limit the number of times contacts can consecutively bounce without recorded activity before they are automatically unsubscribed.

This built in feature provides a layer of protection to keep a positive sender rating.

For more information, contact our support team today.

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