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IS0 27001 Certification and GDPR Enablement

Our marketing automation platform is now ISO 27001 Certified, which indicates the successful completion of an independent audit of our processes for managing information security risks, including:

  • Protecting customer and consumer data, datacenters, and codebase.

  • Implementing a development lifecycle, including processes designed to help ensure code is properly reviewed and passes quality assurance standards before being released to our customers.

Further enhancements across the platform support your ability to maintain GDPR compliance including:

  • Integration of refreshing consent feature in both workflows and contact import to enable an easy and seamless way to handle contacts.

  • Access to data related to unsubscribes via contact export and API.

  • Automatic recording of consent or unsubscribe for any contact in the platform and the ability to export consent logs for a single contact or site.

  • Support of double opt-in is automatically handled by the system via workflow.

  • Pop-Up Manager now supports obtaining explicit consent from site visitors.

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