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Three Email Message Power Moves

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

With our intuitive drag-and-drop Message Editor, it is easier than ever to build and deploy responsive emails to engage prospective students, inform current students, or to cultivate alumni.

As you compete for the inbox, how can you power up your email marketing campaigns? Here are pro tips in using the message editor.

Create and use content tags

Content tags allow you to create reusable "blocks" of content that you can use in the body, header, and footer of your messages. Here are some examples:

Content tags provide a number of benefits that will save you time.

Need to update information about one your academic majors? No problem. Update the content tag and all of your email marketing messages are automatically updated.

Replace one of your departing admission counselors? Rather than hunting through all of your active messages, update the information in the signature content tag.

New information for in-state grants? Update the relevant content tag.

Make the subject line dynamic

Personalizing subject lines (or content within the message) using contact field tags is a simple yet effective way to grab your student's attention. Select Make Subject Dynamic in the drop-down menu next to the subject line field in the message editor.

Apply dynamic rules to content

By using dynamic rules, you can personalize content to your target audience. Dynamic rules are based on segments, lists, fields, or SMS keywords.

A perfect recruitment example is academic major. One of the biggest mistakes we see with recruitment emails is a failure for the college to acknowledge the student’s state major interest. Almost every inquiry web form asks student’s to choose a major interest. However, some colleges make the mistake in follow-up message of directing the student back to their web site to find their major!

When students inquire, create one email message and apply dynamic rules per major.

Just dynamic rules in the message editor

Use these three email message power moves to elevate your enrollment marketing campaigns. Need help? Contact us at


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