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Conversation Planning

The Conversation Planning Service provides a comprehensive, turn-key approach to your digital recruitment messaging.
Converstion Planning
Whether you use our Marketing Automation Platform or your preferred software, our team of experts can make your digital recruitment campaigns generate results.


Get their attention and your results with outsourced recruitment nurturing campaigns.

Stay on message and brand

Brand matters. eduConverse ensures that your campaigns are aligned with your brand in every message.


Boost enrollment funnel velocity

Accelerate your enrollment funnel to drive prospective students through each stage.


Increase the quality of your prospective students

Engage prospective students with authenticate conversations tailored to their interests.


Provide air cover for your one-to-one recruitment efforts

Deliver a consistent recruitment message across the prospective student journey.

Rethink your approach to recruitment messaging | Conversation Planning

The Challenge

  • Colleges spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing research and branding initiatives. Yet, too often this work is relegated to the top layers of your web site or new print collateral, or worse yet, a binder on your bookcase.

  • Additional investments in CRM and marketing automation software adds new responsibilities to the admissions office to plan, write, design, and deploy campaign messages to engage prospective students.

  • To manage your recruitment campaigns, either you hire more staff members (increased costs), or you task existing recruiters (decrease efficiency) in addition to their other responsibilities.

  • The end result is higher costs, disconnected brand messaging, and work that takes your admissions office away from their core competency - building relationships with students and their influencers.

We do the heavy lifting. You get the results.

Our Solution

  • Conversation planning, a turnkey approach to enrollment marketing campaigns, is a structured way to plan and deploy digital recruitment messages.

  • Our approach ensures that your existing brand message or promise is pulled through and reinforced in your follow-up. We take your brand as it is - no additional research is needed.

  • We develop and execute your campaigns for students at every stage of the pre-enrollment process. Our parent and guidance counselor campaigns supercharge your enrollment efforts.


Save money

Our turnkey solution includes Marketing Automation Software and campaign services to plan, design, execute and report on your campaigns. You save budget dollars on additional headcount and software that may be deployed more effectively elsewhere.


Increase recruiter productivity

Admission counselors can focus on the "ground game" – connecting with students, their parents and other influencers, while we provide the “air cover."


Improve your campaign results

Prospective students receive an avalanche of email and text messages, most of it poorly conceived or targeted. Stand above your competition with campaigns that are on brand and on message. 

Have an existing platform? No problem.

We deliver our Conversation Planning service in a technology-agnostic format. Regardless of your current CRM or marketing automation software platform, eduConverse can plan, design, and deploy your campaigns on your behalf. 

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