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Powerful higher education CRM and content marketing to engage students in meaningful conversations.

Boost every aspect of your student engagement.

Meet eduConverse: the comprehensive CRM and marketing platform that elevates student engagement through personalized, timely interactions across all channels—no more mass messaging, just impactful connections.

Higher education CRM is more than email.

Unfortunately, “building relationships” has become synonymous with “sending more email.”​

With eduCRM, curate ’conversations’ with prospective students, family members, and influencers, connecting your recruiting ground game with integrated ‘air cover’ including direct mail, email, MMS, and other digital channels.

direct mail automation

Remove the guesswork from direct mail.

Change the way you do direct mail enrollment marketing. eduPostal makes direct mail marketing fast, integrated, and measurable. Manage the printing process from your desktop. ​

Direct mail becomes as easy to send as emails with drag and drop design, list management, and online proofing tools.

Rethink your approach to recruitment messaging.

College recruitment emails are often disconnected from the brand and fail to deliver consistent messaging to prospective students.​

With eduContent, our team of experts connects 'the dots from' your existing brand and marketing collateral to follow up direct mail, email, MMS, and phone calls for a cohesive message.


Prefill college applications. Generate more applicants.​

Power your prospective search campaigns with eduApply. ​

Build your application, prefill common information found in your search data, and generate unique, secure URLs to send email, SMS, or print invitations to your targeted audience.


Customize forms for every higher education use case.

Open house sign ups. Paid orientation registration. Campus scavenger forms. Manage secure document collection.​

Regardless of your need, eduForms allows you to quickly create, design, and deploy forms. Build powerful forms with conditional logic, accept payments, integrate with other tools and generate reports.

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