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Introducing Predictive Content

We are introducing a powerful new tool in your communications toolbox.

Predictive content

Our new Predictive Content feature combines machine learning and data science to send the right contact optimized messaging. As your send volume and contact relationship grow, the better the predictive feature works.

Predictive Content is a content block available in the drag-and-drop email designer. Within each block, you can create up to five content variations using different phrasing and copy lengths. We recommend including an HTML link or clickable call-to-action in each variant.

A "Predictive Insights" bar guides you as you create each variant of text. Using past email send data, the insights bar provides suggestions based on the length and readability of the content you provide in the block.

Recommendations include copy length, overall readability, and the number of variants you should use. Your selected audience and their past behavior drive suggestions.

With each email "send," we'll predict and display the variant that each contact is most likely to engage. For example, Contact A will see one version of your email, while Contact B will see another.

Consider the following variant examples:

Variant 1: Short and to-the-point


We're hosting high school seniors on campus Saturday, October 10! Reserve your spot below for Fall Preview Day.

Sign up

Variant 2: Lengthier


Thanks again for your interest in Ansley College.

We are inviting select students to visit us Saturday, October 10, for Fall Preview Day.

Check-in beginning at 8:30 am in Hobbs Memorial Hall. The program concludes after lunch around 1:00 pm.

Learn more about your major, talk with faculty and current students, and discover the opportunities that await you at Ansley.


There is no charge to attend; however, pre-registration is required.

Variant 3: Sales-forward


You are part of a select group of students we invite to Fall Preview Day, Saturday, October 10.

During this "can't miss" event, discuss your major with faculty, meet current students, and learn about your financial aid and scholarship options.

Reserve your spot

Attendance is limited, so act today. Check in for the program at 8:30am in Hobbs Memorial Hall.

Variant 4: Informational


Fall Preview Day is your opportunity to discover the benefits of an Ansley College education. You are invited to attend our next event on Saturday, October 10, beginning at 8:30am.

Why you should attend

During the event, you will hear from faculty about your academic major of interest, talk with current students about student life, learn more about admissions and financial aid.

Tour the residence halls, other essential campus facilities, and our new learning labs. A separate program is offered for parents and family to learn about Ansley.

The program will conclude after lunch around 1 pm. To learn more and to register, please visit

Check-in begins at Hobbs Memorial Hall (Building #8 on the campus map) at 8:30 am. When you arrive on campus, look for event signage and our student ambassador team to direct you to available parking.

Variant 5: No personalization

You're invited! Join us Saturday, October 10 for Ansley College Fall Preview Day.

During your visit, meet faculty and current students and learn about financial aid. The program begins at 8:30 am and concludes after lunch.

Register now

As your send volume increases, the more "predictive" the feature becomes.

A reporting feature displays variant performance metrics for the most recently sent campaign that included Predictive Content. These metrics include:

Emails Sent by Variant

Total number of unique sends from all variants in a campaign. The accompanying chart will show the "unique sends" by each variant.

Unique Clicks by Variant

Total number of unique clicks from all variants in a campaign. The accompanying chart will display the unique clicks for each variant.

Click-Through Rate by Variant

Total click-through rate (CTR) for all variants in a campaign. The click-through rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of unique sends. The accompanying chart will display the CTR by each variant.


A "benchmark" is provided for each variant in a campaign. The standard calculates by looking at all individuals who received a specific variant, then adds all campaign messages opened or clicked.

Predictive Content table

The table at the bottom of the report includes the following information: Send date, Campaign Name, Variant Name, Total Sent, Total Unique Clicks, and Click-Through Rate.


Finally, a variant that performed the "best" should not influence all variants you create in the future. That's because there is no "one-size-fits-all" or one "best" email for all contacts.

Instead, each contact who receives an email with Predictive Content will receive an email that's best for them. This "best" email will look and be different for each of your contacts. This approach creates an ultra-personalized experience for each of your contacts and increases engagement with your institution.

Predictive Content is a powerful new feature in the upcoming release that is sure to increase your campaign message performance.

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