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Logging your recruitment phone calls on the go

How effective could your recruiters be if they could access student data and make follow-up phone calls on the go? What would that increase in recruitment performance mean to your next entering class?

Having a strong game is essential for any new student recruitment effort. High school visits, college fairs, and presentations take your recruitment team on the road and away from their desktops. Effective recruiters are following up by phone, but away from their desks, they face:

  • No easy way to share essential details from the road

  • Disorganized notes that take time to add to your contact records, if at all

  • Details that may be forgotten by the time they're able to log into your computer

  • Incomplete info that contributes to a poor recruitment experience for your students

Equip your recruiters on the go with the new call-logging feature for iOS and Android.

Our new call-logging feature lets recruiters call a contact directly from the app and write a summary about the call afterward.

How does it work?

  1. Select a contact from the mobile app

  2. Tap the phone icon under the name of who you want to call

  3. After the call is completed, a screen will appear with pre-populated information:

    • The date

    • Time of the call

    • Estimated duration of the call

A blank text box allows you to enter a summary of the call — topics discussed, follow-up questions, next steps, concerns, or anything else that will give helpful context.

Once you save your summary, it will appear in the contact's activity tab.

A mobile CRM that keeps you connected to your most important data

Our mobile app empowers recruiters with the CRM data they need on their phones.

Recruiters can manage their entire recruitment pipeline on the go, assign follow-up tasks to the admissions back office, and access and update student and school information. At the same time, enrollment managers gain measurable insight into recruitment effectiveness.

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