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Connected email with eduCRM

Updated: 3 days ago

With eduCRM, send emails to students across tools, sync your messages, and gain valuable insight into the recruiting process.

With our email sync feature, your connected email account "syncs" emails across devices whether you are following up from your mobile device, using a desktop application, such as Outlook, or via a web browser.

Email Sync with eduCRM

  • View all interactions with a student—emails you've sent or received—in a unified location, allowing staff members to "pick up" the conversation with prospective students.

  • Avoid overlooking crucial emails as you toggle between different work tools.

  • Monitor your recruitment process effectively, as all account users can observe communications via the activity stream.

  • Select your preferred communication method with contacts, using either eduCRM or your campus email.

  • Monitor when your emails are opened and track when links within them are clicked.

  • Set up automatic responses for when a student engages with your email, such as opening it or clicking a link.

Gain Valuable Insight with Sentiment Analysis

With our "sentiment analysis" feature, you can determine whether an incoming student email is positive, negative, or neutral.

Built-in machine learning determines email tone, allowing you to understand the impact of your interactions with prospective students quickly. eduCRM can trigger an alert or follow-up automation if a student's sentiment changes.

Connect your campus email account today and transform how you follow up with students, keeping all of your messages in one convenient place.

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