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Managing emails details on the go with the Mobile App

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Our mobile app makes it easy to work when (and where) you want, so you get all the essential information.

See detailed marketing reports, track your email performance, update your CRM, and quickly find student data on the fly — all from your phone.

And with our newest enhancements, you can manage and edit the most important details of your campaigns.

Visit your Campaigns tab in the app and click on the edit link in the top bar, and edit your:

  • Subject line

  • Pre-header text

  • From name

  • From email address

  • Reply-to email address

Choose any email draft and easily update the listed details from the convenience of your mobile device.

You can even send test emails to preview what your contacts will see, so you know you're providing your students, parents, or constituents the best email experience possible.

For more information, contact our support team.

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