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Maximize Email Engagement with eduCRM's Predictive Sending Feature.

Email marketing is foundational in digital communication, instrumental in reaching potential students, building trust with your institution, and driving essential enrollment metrics. 

So, how can your institution ensure that your email campaigns consistently land with relevance, engagement, and personalization in your student's inbox? 

Enter - predictive email sending.

Emailing at the Perfect Moment

With eduCRM's predictive email-sending feature, you'll have a powerful tool that optimizes "send" times based on when recipients are most likely to engage with your messages. This game-changing feature leads to higher open rates and increased clicks.

Predictive sending works in your favor, taking the guesswork out of email delivery times. Just check a box, and we'll ensure your emails are sent out at the ideal time for each recipient.

Making Predictive Sending Work For You

Predictive sending works in a straightforward yet effective manner. When you use the "Send email" action in an automation workflow, select the "Send with predictive sending" option. 

Our data model ranks each hour per day based on a contact's typical "open" timing. The platform uses these recommendations to predict the best email delivery time.

You can view recommended send times and the real-time when the email was sent out through reporting.

Benefits of Predictive Sending

The perks of predictive sending extend beyond more eyes on your emails or higher engagement. They delve into saving resources and personalizing your recruitment process.

By predicting optimal times to send each automation email for each prospective student, we eliminate guesswork, saving you time and energy for other crucial tasks. More importantly, predictive sending gives insights into your potential students' behavior, paving the route to more targeted engagement as students interact with your emails.


In an increasingly digital era, personalize your outreach - let eduCRM's predictive sending feature drive your email campaigns to new heights of effectiveness and efficiency. Not only will you surpass your engagement and conversion rates, but you'll also understand your audience better.

Get started today with eduCRM and experience the transformative power of predictive sending!

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