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Nurture Stronger Recruitment Relationships with Engagement Tracking for One-to-One Emails

As part of your recruitment automation strategy, automated, one-to-one emails help ensure that every insight is aligned. Your follow-up recruitment automations can deliver a connected recruitment experience, and recruiters can take the conversation to the next level for more engaged students — and yield more enrolled students.

Now, engagement tracking for one-to-one emails lets you know who has interacted with your one-to-one recruiter follow-up messages — so you always know when to automate the next best steps or provide the personal touch.

How do automated one-to-one emails work to grow your business?

One-to-one emails help recruiters identify qualified prospects, know the right time to reach out to existing customers for personal conversations, and follow up with the personal touch at scale when it will be the most effective.

How do one-to-one emails work? You can:

  • Use an automation block action to easily send a personal email through a connected personal account, like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.

  • Create automations with a one-to-one email using any trigger — like contact, deal, or custom object triggers.

  • Include personalization tags and hyperlinks in your automated, one-to-one emails to nurture more robust relationships.

And now, with engagement tracking, recruiters get even more of the correct data to make every conversation count.

How can you use engagement tracking to better target interested students?

Engagement tracking for automated, one-to-one emails lets you understand how prospects have interacted with your emails — and you can then use that engagement to automate the personal touch at scale and increase conversion and yield.

How does engagement tracking for one-to-one emails work? When setting up the action block in your automation, you can choose to track the following:

  • Opens

  • Link clicks

  • Email replies

Engagement with your email — opens, link clicks, and replies — will show up on the Recent Activity screen of the Deal record.

You can also use one-to-one email engagement to trigger new automations to follow up on specific academic programs, student activity information, or other enrollment-specific questions.

One-to-one recruiter emails complement your primary recruitment automations, allowing recruiters to spend less time cold calling students and more time engaging with interested students.

For more information, contact our support team.

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